I sincerely believe that everyone can feel good in their body. Everyone can feel like they have a lot of energy and do things that make them happy, regardless of their illnesses or diagnoses.

I love my body. I truly do. I like every part of my body. I never thought I’d say this out loud. And I never thought about making a video about it and sharing it with the whole world.

Why do I want to feel good in my body?

Because dancing is my biggest passion and I can dance. Because I can practice yoga. But also because I love skiing and can ski in the winter. A sunny day in the winter, up in the mountains is something most wonderful and skiing down the white slopes fills me with a lot of energy. That’s when I feel great. And to be able to do all this, I need a body that supports me and enables me to do so.

My body is really in great shape today and it supports me perfectly in all of my activities.

But that wasn’t always the case.

Even ten years ago, I didn’t feel that well in my own body.

I was constantly tired and sleepy.

I didn’t have the energy to do anything.

My body was exhausted all the time and I had no muscle on my body. The clothes on me looked like they were hanging off a hanger and I wasn’t feeling that great. I didn’t look that good either.

I was running short on energy to do only the essential daily things, let alone do something that I like, or to take care of myself and my family.

More than anything else in the world, I wanted to have a healthy body. To feel no pain in my spine, to not be in pain, to not feel bloated. And to not feel the pain in my stomach when I eat a meal or only have a snack. To avoid reflux and to be completely energy-free after every meal. For me, it was really a constant ongoing battle with myself. More than anything in the world, I wanted a body that would feel good.

Not to be tired and sleepy all the time.

I still vividly remember May 11, 2009, when I got the results of my last, seventh gastroscopy. It was a sunny day when my husband called me on the phone to notify me, that I got mail from the hospital. We agreed to meet at a café in the city where I opened the envelope with the results with my shaky hands.

It said… .diagnosis: celiac disease.

My first thought was: They finally found something. I am being serious. I finally found out what’s wrong with me.


From that point on, gluten is no longer on my menu. At least not consciously.

After seven days of changing my diet, I already felt much better, I had more energy. After 3 weeks, my skin was clean, free of rashes, which I had never managed to get rid of in 15 years, and after 3 months my hair started to grow again.

For me, this was a huge victory.

It took me quite a while to completely revamp my body and feel great, like I do now. Despite my university degree in Food Technology and Nutrition, I went into the study of nutrition physiology, human body anatomy and started working on my own body. I studied those topics in great detail and today I feel better than ever. Many people ask me what happened for me to look so happy and radiate so much energy…


When I think about it, I realize that I have tried a lot of different things. I really tested what works and what doesn’t. What sort of food suits me and which doesn’t. What works and what doesn’t.

From then on, I help people feel better.

I offer different forms of collaboration. If you prefer personal contact, you can opt for personal counseling, eg. an online consulting with me. If you prefer to explore specific areas yourself, there will be online programs available shortly, where you will be able to gain my knowledge and experience at your own pace at a customized rate. But because I love working with people live, I also lead closed groups, where we work more together on different challenges and where I give you the lectures through the group and direct you to the path of well-being. The decision is yours.

I truly believe that I can help you feel better and, of course, help you achieve better quality of life.

Let’s add life to years, not just years to life.

I want us all to enjoy life. I love you.